Saturday , September 23 2017

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Review Time: HyperX CloudX™ Pro Gaming Headset

This week I had the pleasure to test out the new HyperX CloudX™ Pro Gaming Headset! This product is the latest in the HyperX line of amazing headsets.     When I first opened the box of the HyperX CloudX™ Pro Gaming Headset I was instantly impressed. I know it …

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Dream Gang: An Interview With Brendan McCarthy

Hello ladies and gents! This week I had the opportunity to talk to Brendan McCarthy, co-writer of Mad Max: Fury Road, about his latest comic creation, Dream Gang!     1) For those who may not know you, tell us about yourself. I’m a comic book writer and artist — …

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Review Time: Red Dog #1

Red Dog #1 Red Dog is the story about a colony of humans who have moved to another planet to mine a substance that has enabled Imperium which allows people to travel through time and space. Unfortunately the substance is on a particularly inhabitable planet, so the few amount of humans …

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Review Time: War Mother #1

War Mother #1 War Mother is a story of a woman who lives in a very protective community that has to salvage it’s technological needs from other wrecks. The character herself is responsible for going out into the world and tracking down the fallen ships necessary to their survival. She has …

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Review Time: Morgan’s Organs #1

Morgan’s Organs #1 Have you seen the movie Inside Out? Morgan’s Organs is like Inside Out if it were written by Seth McFarlane. The story begins with the main character enjoying a particularly dirty dream when his brain wakes him up. The brain and the penis have to try and …

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