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A Chat With Matteo Lolli, Artist of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars

Do you like cool stuff and things? Then you’ll love this. We got the chance to chat with Matteo Lolli, the artist behind several Deadpool mini series including the most recent Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars!

1. Before we jump into things, tell everyone a little bit about yourself. (Where you’re from, how you got started drawing, how you got started working with Marvel, and anything else you’d like to tell us.)

Hi, my name’s Matteo Lolli. I’m Italian and I live there in Bologna, my hometown.
My father is an amateur painter and I occasionally saw him paint when I was a kid, but the turning point for me was the day he painted this amazing Disney’s Pluto on one of my white t-shirts. For the first time I saw the power of being able to create and draw whatever I wanted. From that day I started drawing and never stopped. Then, many years later, I took a comic art school course and I knew what I wanted to do in my life. I started to work for Marvel in 2008, and I was among the 12 artists chosen during “ChesterQuest” — a scouting tour C.B. Cebulski did years ago.


Deadpool Venom Black Costume Final v2


2. What’s it like drawing Deadpool? Does his quirky nature affect your style at all?


I love trying to show emotions in my characters, and working with a masked hero isn’t easy, but with Deadpool you can always use body language and it’s really fun. I can exaggerate poses and body language, and the only risk is getting carried away a bit too much, but it’s all good.


3. What are your influences? What illustrator and comic artists inspire you?

So many artists inspired and still inspire me. If I had to start naming all of them it would be endless. I’ve gotten influences from every corner of the art world. My real problem is I always get too many inspirations and I feel a bit disoriented sometimes. I’d like to try this-and-that and “oh that’s so cool, let’s do something like this ASAP”, but given my laziness in my spare time these are just my new year’s resolutions, and I fail at them all the time.
4. What’s your favorite piece of work that you have created? (Including a link and/or photo would be great!)

Tough question. I’m always unhappy and unsatisfied about my works and it would be difficult to pick one. I would say the one that I haven’t drawn yet, because once it is done I slowly start disliking it and feeling that it’s old and shows all of my weakness.


cattura 594
5. What are you working on at the moment?

I’m actually just back from holiday and working on some commissions. My next script should be Deadpool #8, I’m not sure if it’s already been announced or not.
6. What are you doing when you’re not creating? What (other) hobbies do you have?

I always try to draw more (I always have a sketchbook with me that I try to fill with doodles) but I’m also a big gamer and I feel lured to the subtle pleasures of the gaming world. I love MMOs and lately I’m a Destiny addict! My other hobbies are role-playing, sculpting (still learning), photography and more. I love traveling and seeing new places and countries (Japan is my obsession) but I don’t always have time to travel that much.
7. Where else do you sell your work?

Some of my originals can be found here: http://www.comiconart.com/artist/Matteo-Lolli
8. Where else can we find you? (Blog, website, twitter, facebook etc)

My website www.matteololli.com is currently down but you have plenty of options to find me online:
my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lolli.matteo
my tumblr: http://matteololli.tumblr.com
my twitter: http://twitter.com/MatteoLolli
my instagram: https://instagram.com/bloomingskull/
9. What else should we know about you and your work?

What you should know about me is I’m Italian, so if you meet me at a convention or somewhere else, please excuse my dumb face if I don’t understand what people tell me.
10. Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others trying to make their way into the industry?

I have the always cliche — but very true — “work hard”. Drawing is like a muscle; you have to train it as much as possible to become as good as you can with it. After that, there’s only luck and stubbornness between you and your first gig.

Some questions from fans we’ve acquired.
1. Who is your favorite Deadpool writter?
I love both Bunn and Duggan’s deadpools. It’s a real pleasure for me to work on their scripts.
2. Your favorite Deadpool villain and why?
Taskmaster. I love drawing him and also he was in the first Deadpool story I drew (in Deadpool #62 I believe).
3. What moment defines Deadpool for you?
(Not sure I got the question right but) Maybe his smile before he’s going to wreck havoc.
4. Who is your favorite comic book artist?
I don’t have just one: As I said, there are so many to name that it would be really boring to read my never-ending list! 🙂


hawkeye sketches 01
Thanks for taking the time, Matteo! Go check out Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars and the rest of Matteo Lolli’s work!

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