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Circuit-Breaker – An Interview with Kevin McCarthy

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin McCarthy about his upcoming comic release Circuit-Breaker. This new comic is written by Kevin McCarthy himself, illustrated by Kevin Baker, and published by Image Comics.

For those who may not know you, can you tell me a little about yourself and what role you play in the comic book universe?
I’ve worked as a writer, artist, and editor of comics since about the middle ’90s and my credits include Casual Heroes for Image Comics/Motown Machineworks, The Escapist for Dark Horse, and Epoch for Top Cow/Heroes & Villains Entertainment.

What got you interested in becoming a comic book writer?
Pretty much all of my comics heroes were writers and artists both, so even though I went to art school and am trained as an illustrator, I knew that when it came to making comics that I’d want to write them as well.

circuit breaker2

Can you tell our readers a little about your upcoming comic Circuit-Breaker?

Circuit-Breaker is a five-issue limited series about a heroic young robot woman who battles both robot terrorists and an ancient, evil wizard, in the last city on Earth. It is drawn by one of my aforementioned comics heroes, Kyle Baker.

The story seems to be full of social commentary and an analysis of our dependence on electronics, can you comment on that?
Really, the story is about what happens if humans decide they no longer want or need electronics (here, robots) to do things for them anymore. A rising resentment of robots gives way to discrimination and abuse that leads some robots to react violently against humanity. I love technology, but I’m also very slow to adopt the newest devices and cling dearly to my old Motorola and my 15-year-old MacBook. So maybe this story is actually about everyone’s old discarded flip phones flipping out?

Additionally, what made you decide to create a post apocalyptic story rather than one set in modern times?
Those kinds of stories, about what happens after the world ends, are my favorite. In Circuit-Breaker, Japan is the sole surviving country after World War IV, a war fought between Japanese robots and American superheroes. I think we’re still a little ways away from something like that happening in the present day. We still have to have a Third World War. Maybe next year.

Furthermore, what inspired you to create a female protagonist?
When I started sketching the ideas that would eventually become Circuit-Breaker, the main character, Chiren, was always a young woman. It never really occurred to me to examine why that might be. I just needed someone who was likable and that readers would want to root for, against overwhelming odds. I guess maybe, unfortunately, a woman might know more about having to overcome adversity.

You mentioned that you would be attending WonderCon this weekend where there will be an exclusive cover for this issue; what can people expect to find out or to be revealed at this event?
They can expect to find me and Kyle Baker sketching and signing at the Image Comics booth (#1802) on all three days of the show. Anyone who shows up with a copy of Casual Heroes #1 can expect to see a grown man cry.

CircuitBreaker01 WonderCon
Are there any future projects coming up that you are currently working on or are excited about?
On my drawing board right now is another post-apocalyptic science fiction series about a hero that fights robots. But this one is totally different, I swear! This new one also has ghosts!

Lastly, are there any other upcoming ComicCons you will be attending for all our fans who would love to get your autograph or meet you in person?
I don’t have anything scheduled beyond WonderCon, but that may change. I haven’t been to the big show in San Diego for over ten years, before it turned into World War III. Talk about your post-apocalypse . . .

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