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Comic Plug Invades PAX East! Top 7 Booths

Hello all!  In case you hadn’t heard, Comic Plug had the amazing opportunity to head up to Boston to attend PAX East 2016!  There, we were able to get our hands on some of the latest tech and games, and even got to demo some unreleased ones.  Here’s a breakdown of our top seven booths that we had the pleasure of visiting.

#7  RYB


RYB is a wonderful puzzle game with no instructions from FLEB Puzzles.  You simply dive right in and slowly start to piece together what’s going on through trial and error.  Once you get the hang of the rules, it becomes a great logic puzzle full of satisfying moments of clarity.  They were eager to share this newly released gem with us, and we gladly indulged our love for puzzles.

DSC 0047


#6  Star Crusade CCG


Card games are wildly popular right now, and many like ZiMAD Games have chosen to take the digital path over physical cards.  Star Crusade is their take on the digital CCG (collectible card game) world, and having played a game with the developers I can certainly see the appeal of the game.  If you’re familiar with some of the other digital CCGs that exist, you’ll have no problem jumping into the game.  It’s easy to play, but the high degree of customization sets it apart from the competition.

DSC 0148


#5 BattleGoats



Sticking with the card game theme, we have a very unique game designed by the people at CardLords.  This incredibly fun and easy to play game takes memory matching games to a whole new level of competition.  We were able to play a game with the designers and learned about their creative history as well as the more intricate mechanics and strategies of their game.  BattleGoats hasn’t been released yet, and can still be backed on Kickstarter for a few more days by following the link here:



DSC 0106


#4  Newegg

us new logo

Newegg had all kinds of awesome things going on at this convention.  From holding Hearthstone open tournaments to showing off the latest gaming and computing gear, Newegg had it all.  The best part of the experience we had with them was getting to demo the HTC Vive VR setup on one of their gaming laptops.  The immersive environment of the virtual reality on the Vive was unparalleled.  Because of the way it tracks your movement in 3D space, your interaction with the game is completely intuitive and seemless, which creates an absolutely astounding experience.


DSC 0116


#3 Ark: Survival of the Fittest

250px SOTF Logo

Ark: Survival of the Fittest is the new multiplayer survival arena from Reverb Inc.  What started as a simple experiment for the company led to a brand new game with a whole new approach to the arena genre.  This game, while independent from Ark: Survival of All, takes the same concepts from the predecessor and spins them into an online multiplayer battle to the death.  The developers maintained the high degree of decision making that is necessary to give variety in the play experience.  It’s a beautiful game to play, and witnessing the hype built up around the tournament taking place was even more impressive.  The only thing more massive than the crowd was their giant ridable T-Rex!

DSC 0130



#2 Tumblestone


What started as a pretty bold email quickly became one of the most mind-blowing experiences of the entire convention.  Tumblestone is unequivocally the first original action-puzzle game of the past twenty years.  Never have I felt as blown away in game testing as I did after doing a demo of Tumblestone.  We went into the experience fully expecting another color matching clone, and all that negativity was decimated after the first round of play.  The concept, while incredibly straightforward, is deceptively difficult.  You are required to match three colored blocks in a row.  But, fail to do so and the board restarts from the beginning.  This simplicity leads to fast-paced games and even quicker strategizing, and that’s the brilliance of it.  Being able to demo Tumblestone was clearly a highlight of the event, and we were literally speechless after playing.

DSC 0136


#1 Pit People


Of all the booths we were able to visit throughout the event, we likely spent the most time with the people at The Behemoth.  There, we were able to demo their upcoming title – Pit People.  Previously referred to as “Game 4”, Pit People is a turn-based adventure where you’ll encounter all types of enemies – from robots to cupcakes – as you lead your team to victory.  We have come to expect great things from The Behemoth, and this game certainly delivers.  Between the actual demo of the game and our interview with Ian Moreno, The Behemoth clearly has to take the number one spot in our hearts.  We had so much fun talking games and comics with him (coming soon!), and overall had a great experience at the booth.

DSC 0026


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