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“Death Head”: An Interview with Nick and Zack Keller

I had the opportunity this week to talk to the Keller brothers about their upcoming book, Death Head!


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Rob(what a cool name!): So for those who don’t know who you are, can you explain a little about yourselves?


Nick Keller: I went to USC and I studied Music Composing, which is part of what I do for work. I compose for commercials and different web series and ads and whatnot. I also started writing with Zack recently!


Zack Keller: Yeah, if you don’t know, Nick and I are brothers. I also went to USC for the film production program there. Then I actually started my career in animation, I used to work for Pixar. That kinda led me down a rabbit hole. I worked for a bunch of different animation companies and started my own web series, ‘Dick Figures’. I’ve kind of always been in the animation, illustration, writing side.Then about a year ago, Nick and I got the chance to work on a comic together and it’s been an amazing journey ever since.


Rob: So what are you two currently working on besides Death Head?


Nick: This is my main focus for the time being. Most of the things I work on are music related, but writing wise, this is our biggest focus.


Rob: So Death Head hasn’t been released yet. Tell us a little bit of a synopsis of what it’s about.


Nick: The first issue starts with two members of the Burton family heading into the forest on a camping trip and they come across an abandoned town. In the town they find a mask and they bring it back with them. That’s when things kinda go to hell for them and the Plague Doctor, this mysterious creature starts coming after them. Then there’s two other story lines with their kids, who are introduced into the story and that kind of happens as the book goes on.


Zack: The goal for the first issue is to set up the four different members of the Burton family. They all have their own story lines which at first don’t seem to have anything to do with each other. But as they start unfolding you realize that it’s part of this grand plot line and mystery of who is this Plague Doctor.



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Rob: What gave you guys the idea for something dark like this that is so different from something like ‘Dick Figures’?


Nick: I’m drawn to more dark stories where Zack is more on the comedy side. We were on a walk just chatting about story ideas and it kinda just spiraled organically.


Rob: What would you say was your “we did it” moment for getting this story out there since you don’t come from a comic background?


Zack: We’ve been pitching ideas for a long time. We just started making things on our own. We happened to meet the President of Dark Horse from a friend of a friend. We pitched it to him directly and he really liked it. It’s really inspiring to see people make their own stuff and people take notice of that.



Rob: What events do you plan on attending this year?


Nick: SDCC, potentially Rose City Comic Con in Portland, and maybe NYCC.



Rob: Is there anything you want to plug?


Nick: Mostly just the comic. I think we’re really excited for it finally coming out next week and we just want people to tell us what they think about it. Good or bad just let us know what you think. We’re really interested!


Zack: People can find Death Head anywhere on social media. Nick and I are pretty active on Twitter. We’d love to talk to people about it!



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Thanks Nick and Zack for taking the time to talk! Make sure to get your copies of Death Head this upcoming Wednesday!!

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