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Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Year Two #1 – Review

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor

Year Two


As a fan of the reboot of Doctor Who, and the Tenth Doctor in particular, my inner Whovian is very pleased with this issue. It starts as a vacation of sorts for the Doctor and his companion Gabby exploring and “impossible” world when three species (human included) live in harmony. A race of conceptual creatures that exist as music and for symbiotic relationships with “cloud cows” and the humans who inhabit the sky city of this gas dwarf planet.  Slowly it turns into a world saving mission as crisis threatens three way genocide! Of course, who didn’t see that coming?


The Good:

  • Great jumping on point for new readers

As a new number 1, and start of a two part story, this issue is great for new readers. It marks the second year in the Doctor’s journey with companion Gabby Gonzalez, but does require any foreknowledge of their relationship or journey to appreciate.

  • Setting

The dwarf giant Wupatki is breathtaking in concept and design. The colors are bright and relaxing giving into that vacation feel that the Doctor promises Gabby.


The planets inhabitants are also really cool. The Shant’ee in particular who are literally music. The locals refer to them as Windsong.


  • The Doctor

The doctor is as close to Tennant in comic form as I think we can hope for. His charisma and optimism is spot on. As are his mannerisms and language.


  • Gabby Gonzalez

Gabby is the real highlight for me though. Being of an artistic mind she expresses an appreciation for things in a way that is so rare to find in Sci-Fi stories and is truly refreshing. Her worldview I think is one of the most important elements of this story as she appreciates the concept of creatures of living music like no other.

I personally have a hard time expressing my thoughts on artistic things and it’s great to have a character who can explain to me why I love what I’m looking at, who gives my feeling words. (Not unlike a special someone in my life).


  • Plot Flow

The way the story moves forward, from a relaxing tone slowly crescendoing into a brilliant cliffhanger is pretty darn poetic. For a story about music, in a sense, to flow like a song shows impressive writing and artistic prowess from the creative team.

The Bad:

The only really problem I had with this issue is an over use of Techno-babble. Which as a Whovian I expect to some degree, but I also expected the Doctor to give me a lay-mans translation so as not to jar me from the story like it did. Luckily this only really happens in the first few pages.

The Verdict:

A excellent starting point and poetic plot line coupled with a brilliant cliffhanger and that distinct Doctor Who feel.


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