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First Look: Rick and Morty #5

Rick and Morty #5

Available 08/19/2015

oni press rick and morty issue 5


What starts as a relatively normal summer camp experience becomes a reality-warping adventure in this week’s issue of Rick and Morty!  If you’re a fan of the series, whether it’s published or televised, you will certainly not be disappointed.  The humor is aggressively on the nose without becoming annoying in the least, and there’s plenty of fourth wall breaking and several plot twists, as we’ve come to expect.  So, let’s take a look at how it all shakes out with Morty and Rick in:  Mortballs


In typical Rick and Morty fashion, everything starts off pretty mellow.  Morty is attending Camp Camperson (the summer camp he goes to every year but they never talk about), and during one of his “regular” nightly outings to meet up with a girl, he accidentally runs into his new camp counselor:  Rick.  Things don’t work out with the girl, but Rick assures Morty that he’ll be alright because every girl at the camp wants to be with him.  Though Morty knows this to be true, he admits that it’s a bit confusing.  He becomes increasingly concerned as he starts to hear music and external dialogue in his head, but is calmed by his bunk-mates by the idea of a bikini ice cream contest.


Morty approaches Rick with his concerns, but Rick is too caught up in his own problems (in this case, water safety) to be any help.  This causes the two to fight, and Morty storms off in search of his own answers.  But things quickly grow dark as Morty realizes nothing about this world is real, and it isn’t until Scary Terry joins the cast that he gets an explanation of what’s really going on.  The kicker:  Morty is the only one who can save the universe…. by killing everyone.  I won’t spoil the fun, but I will say you should look forward to death via toilet, kraken, and autoerotic asphyxiation.



This is a pretty Morty-heavy issue, which is nice.  Rick is still relevant, but he’s definitely a secondary character.  We get a good look into Morty’s head here, which gives the reader a neat feeling of uncertainty throughout the issue.  As the world starts to make less and less sense, you become uneasy with accepting the reality you’ve been thrown into, and that’s exactly the point.  This series counts on the intelligence of its audience to improve its own experience.  You’re easily led to believe all the interdimensional travel, hyper-advanced technology, and otherworldly creatures are plausible, but the writing beautifully shies you away from preposterous ideas like Morty being desirable.  And that writing finesse is exactly what makes the series such an amazing read.


As I mentioned earlier, the direct comedy style of Rick and Morty isn’t overbearing because they do it right.  And the writer’s self-critical nods lend perfectly to the twists throughout.  Rick remains the smartest person in the room, and therefore takes no interest in Morty’s silly problems.  This allows Morty to be the star this week, and so we get all the kooky humor of an insecure fourteen year old boy.  Definitely another winner from the folks over at Oni Press, so be sure to grab a copy!

OVERALL:  9.5/10

Bonus Round!

As with all the other issues of Rick and Morty, this week’s contained a short ancillary story at the end.  This week’s short is… Beth and the Beths!  Here we have Beth performing a rock concert with other Beths (the Beth we know plays drums!).  A fight breaks out, and after all is said and done, we’re shown a bit of depth to her character.  These shorts are always amusing, and this one does not disappoint.


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