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Blue & Gold: An Interview With Dan Jurgens

Greetings comic fans! We at ComicPlug had the honor of having a brief interview with one of the legends of the industry; Dan Jurgens. He has been both a writer and artist for a lot of famous stories, and nearly every character. From Superman (most notably The Death of Superman), Zero Hour, The Mighty Thor, Justice League International, Batman Beyond, and so many more. You also might know him as the creator of DC’s beloved (and one of my all-time favorite characters) Booster Gold! So chances are, even if you haven’t heard his name, you most certainly know his work.

Dan Jurgens wrote The Mighty Thor (Vol. 2) from July 1998 to July 2004 -82 total issues.

ComicPlug: You’ve been in the industry for a while, and have written a lot of famous stories as well as created beloved characters. Which work would you say that you’re most proud of? 

Dan Jurgens: I’m very fond of my own creation, Booster Gold. After that, it’d probably be my long runs on Superman and Thor. I think I was really able to touch a lot of readers with those series.

ComicPlug: You’ve been credited as both a writer, and an artist throughout your career. Which do prefer to do more, and why?

Dan Jurgens: I don’t know that I prefer either one, mostly because I see them as two aspects of the same job. I’m a storyteller. For me, it’s the most natural thing in the world to think up the story, write it and then draw it. It doesn’t feel like two separate jobs, more like one cohesive, continual process that results in a comic. If anything, when I only write or draw a story, it feels a bit incomplete.

ComicPlug: DC has had a lot of changes in the last 5 years or so. Specifically with all the reboots and re-numberings; from New 52, to DCYou, and now Rebirth. Some say this confuses and alienates readers, while others say constant change keeps things fresh. What are your thoughts about it?

Dan Jurgens: First of all, I believe Marvel has done more of that than DC has, but I understand the criticism. I understand that readers feel like they’re getting lost in a sea of changes that continue to flow by, where nothing seems concrete. That having been said, I think “Rebirth” is all about the idea of reinforcing who these characters really are. Certainly with Superman, we’re digging into the strongest aspects of the character that makes him work. We aren’t talking about a reboot or something new so much as we’re talking about emphasizing what makes these characters great in the first place.

Death of Superman (1992) was a groundbreaking story, and changed comic books forever.

ComicPlug: You were the writer of Batman Beyond during DCYou, and you’re continuing to write Batman Beyond for Rebirth starting in Fall. What is going to be different between the two other than Terry McGinnis being Batman again?

Dan Jurgens: It starts with the fact that they’re very different people. Different characters. By the time we pick up on the new adventures, we’ll see that things have changed quite a bit.

ComicPlug: I see you’ll also be writing Action Comics starting in June. You’ve written Superman extensively in the past. Does having experience with a character help or hinder the creative process? 

Dan Jurgens: That depends on the writer(s) and character(s) in question. Some writers have such a good relationship with a character that they can write them for years. Others can only do so for an arc or two.

ComicPlug: Can you give us a little sneak peak about what we can expect from Superman from here on out?

Dan Jurgens: It’s a bit early for me to be able to get into it, but I think it’s safe to say we’ll be dealing with concepts and stories that are true to the core concept of who Superman is.

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DCYou’s Batman Beyond (Vol. 5) is one of Dan Jurgens’ most recent work.

ComicPlug: Booster Gold is one of your more famous creations, and one you’re certainly fond of. Is there any plans for another stand alone Booster Gold monthly series in the foreseeable future?

Dan Jurgens: Stay tuned on that one!

ComicPlug: To follow up on that, besides the comic medium, can we expect to see Booster Gold in a major capacity in either television and/or cinema?

Dan Jurgens: Same answer as above!

BLCK SMAN CVR fnl gallery 55e777048b00e1
Superman: Lois and Clark is a story Dan Jurgens is most excited about.

ComicPlug: Do you have any plans to attend any conventions for the remainder of 2016, specifically on the East Coast? I have a Booster Gold #1 in dire need of your signature.

Dan Jurgens: I’ll be in Baltimore and Tampa Bay later this summer. Will that be close enough?

ComicPlug: Anything else you want to plug?

Dan Jurgens: I hope people have been reading SUPERMAN: LOIS AND CLARK. As a series, it’s really the cornerstone for a lot of what’s to come with Superman.

JLI (Vol. 3) written by Dan Jurgens, was the last time we had Booster Gold as a main character.

There you have it, our short little sit down with my all-time favorite writer, Dan Jurgens himself. If you guys haven’t checked out any of his work yet, you really must. It’s all very excellent. And Mr. Jurgens, if you are reading this- I would like to let you know that Baltimore IS indeed close enough, and I’ll be there with that comic in hand!

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