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Kickstarter: Evian Rising

What your story is about:
In a distant future, humans and extraterrestrials made first contact. Gods of these beings would engage in warfare of all sorts for prayers and sacrifices. Similar to race and territory tensions on earth, these extraterrestrial encounters caused a magnification of interstellar xenophobia. Being directly told of the inner workings of piety, Holy wars ensued throughout the cosmos. These “holy crusades” incited the powerful to dominate the helpless, and the oppressed to be forced into devotion of the ruling God of the land. Evian, an almighty combat genius woman treks the universe in search of her forgotten past and the mysteries of existence. With her chosen disciples, this goddess brings freewill to the minds of this chaotic world with merciless resolve.


My Background:

I am a self taught artist and writer that has a passion for anime and manga. I am a project manager and dad by day, and a creator by the late, late night.


Why they should back it:

My story is unique…It brings mythology to life in a plausible perspective and takes a likely scenario of the future of the human race and bring it to you with action, suspense and fantasy. I have a unique tie to the character as it is based on a person that I love. Furthermore, I saw a HUGE gap in the tolerable female (especially the protagonist) character dynamics in Mangas/Anime. I have two daughters and a loving wife; I needed to create a hero that reflects them. One that is realistic for them to believe in one that looks like them and beyond most things strong. Women are powerful and women are beautiful it is time to show that women can be all in one.

In summary this project should be backed because of diversity. I am diverse, my character is diverse, the world in which is created for my characters are also diverse. This series will give all readers a break from reoccurring themes and character types typically presented.


Rewards are simple:

Depending on the level you can have a combination of a hard copy, a t-shirt, a cameo appearance and more.


Kickstarter Campaign going now here

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