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Kickstarter: Gears & Bones

We are Guardian Knight Comics, and we’re here to ask for your help. One of our flagship titles “Gears & Bones” is nearing the end of its first story arc. The individual issues are coming out through Diamond Previews, but paying for a print run of a trade paperback is expensive. It’s even more expensive since this is a 76 page beast of a first volume.

In these pages are the blood soaked adventures of Bones, Pirate of the eight skies. Read on, if you dare, stories of murder, betrayal, mad kings and dragon gods who play the chess board of existence! Against all this, Bones fights to live free… and forge his fate.

This story is something that we had to create, that we needed to. Our studio is a collection of nerds that grew up on a daily diet of awesome! All the major food groups were there.*Conan the Barbarian *Final Fantasy *The Legend of Zelda *Thundercats *The Pirates of Dark Water *Legend *The Lord of the Rings * Willow!


G B3 cover


You put all that cool content into the young minds of future creatives and you’re going to get a cool comic! And this first story arc is just the beginning. We have a ton of stories to tell, great adventures all embedded within the heart of our fandom.

So here’s the deal, The artwork is done, the last issue is being colored and lettered, and we’re currently assembling them into a trade. So hopefully there will not be any delays in getting the books to you because, well, the hard work is done. Also the first four issues have been released into stores and are available digitally already, so you can get a first hand look at exactly what we’re doing.

Most of the work is finished, the artwork is done. The hard part is over. This campaign is designed to raise funds to print the trade, and ship them out to the backers that supported us.

Meet The Team:

Our team consists of amazing people who have worked in the industry for years.

Alfredo “Apple” De La Fuente Founder of Guardian Knight Comics & creator of ‘Gears & Bones’

Andrew P. Anderson the writer has previously done some work at 215ink. He enjoys long walks in his mind.

Montos, the artist for ‘Gears & Bones’, previously worked on Poison Elves, but has really found his “voice” on this project.

Colorist/Editor In Chief Wes Hartman has worked for all the major and indie publishers (DC, Marvel, Aspen, IDW, Antarctic Press, Zenescope, etc) for 13 years and has created and written Sky Sharks and served as writer for I Hunt Monsters & more.

Colorist Tony Galvan lends his talents to coloring as well. Tony has also done numerous webcomics has also just completed coloring Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The High School Years, Freaks and Geeks from Dark Horse.

Editor Austin Rogers previously did Engines of Doom with 215ink and various anthologies and self published work. He is now one of the writers and co-creators on Moon Streak.

We have different rewards available. From digital versions of the trade, all the way up to a 3 day pass to Alamo City Comic Con (our home town show)

We will even give a Kickstarter cover to the backers that pledge to our campaign. For anybody who buys the trade else where, they will get the cover from issue 1. We appricate any help you guys give us.

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