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Kickstarter: Natalia The Catholic

Natalia is the nun with the gun, a would be saint turned vigilante who’s in good company with a sheriff gone rogue and a sexpot who’s never even played at being good. Together, the outlaws wage war on the dark world of corporate human trafficking. Visually rich, witty, and fast paced, “Natalia The Catholic: Genesis” is the first in a five part series, encompassing Natalia’s tale in a 200 page volume. Don’t let the name fool you, Natalia is not suitable for work and most definitely not suitable for Sunday school. In the vein of lapsed Catholics everywhere, it is a story about trying to be righteous in a world that is most certainly not, all while controlling guilt and very dark impulses.


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With La Borinqueña, the female Puerto Rican superhero, premiering this fall, Natalia’s Latino but ambiguous racial identity is a fresh breath of air, but right at home in the comic book world. Importantly, “Natalia The Catholic”, “Cecilia The Widow” and “Jade The Tempress” are not She or Lady anything, they are complicated, conflicted heroes and make a rare, all female team. Together they fight a corporation led by the dashing and sophisticated Andreas Montgomery. Human trafficking is believed to bring in billions in revenue per year and “Natalia The Catholic” brings awareness to the issue – ironically, without getting too preachy.


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DM Morales is a short fiction writer from Chicago and has been published in CC&D Magazine, Red Fez, Danse Macabre, The Missing Slate, Milk Sugar Literary Magazine and Writing Tomorrow. You can find her work and track the progress of this Kickstarter on her Facebook page. Brian Bicknell is the illustrator behind Skull and lives and works in Boston. To get a PDF for $7, a full colored 52 page comic for $12, or even to be drawn into the comic as a bad guy, you’ll have to act fast as this Kickstarter ends on July 16th!

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