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Kickstarter: Sharkasaurus

Have you ever had a really cool idea that all your friends said was crazy? That is Spencer Estabrooks’ world in a nutshell, but he transforms those crazy ideas into reality. His latest crazy project is Sharkasaurus which began as a short film and is about to become a graphic novel with your help.

Tremors meets Jaws meets Romeo and Juliet when Creationists and Scientists face off against Sharkasaurus — a prehistoric tunneling dino-shark. Can our emo scientist and promiscuous creationist overcome their families’ ideological differences in time to survive a ravenous apex predator on the hunt?


Working with illustrator Tyler Jenkins, Estabrooks wrote the graphic novel version of his short film Sharkasaurus—a shark that swims through sand terrorizing a creationist-themed golf course in the desert. “People really reacted positively to the short film, but we had bigger (out of budget) ideas we wanted to share,” Estabrooks says. “Graphic novels have unlimited special effects budgets, so it was a perfect fit”


Square shark Jesus simple


“Sharkasaurus is just so over the top that, when I read it, I knew I had to be a part of it,” says illustrator Tyler Jenkins. “Where else can you find a monster chasing fundamentalists and scientists with the baby Jesus stuck on its fin?”


Rewards include limited edition, numbered and signed copies, T-shirts, your name included in the comic as a brand name, original artwork and even having your likeness get murdered by Sharkasaurus in the final product.


You can help bring Sharkasaurus to life on Kickstarter here and check out the short film that started it all here.

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