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Kickstarter: The Circus of Reefer Madness

The Circus of Reefer Madness is about the dangers of the demon marihuana.




Sanity meets Tyler in a bar, and invites him out to his van for a puff. One inhalation of the potent home grown and Tyler is in trouble. His entire reality shifts around him, leaving him surrounded by predatory clowns with weapons. They salivate at the mere sight of him. Playtime!


Their world, their rules. Sanity, Mindless, Pig, Kozbo, Donkey, and Suicide. A special team with bad intentions and nothing better to do.  First order of business is the souvenir handed out free with every trip, the brand of possession.




“Lest we all shou know!” Sanity screams, pressing the scalding iron onto bare flesh, convinced he is helping in the long run.


The story is ultimately about the insanity of the drug war, with elements of homage to the 1930s propaganda film Reefer Madness. Written by Jeremy Myers, with illustration by Ray Perilloux. The comic is live on Kickstarter until August 31st, and needs a final push to meet its funding goal.


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