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Kickstarter: The Poodles of Potter’s Peak

I was in middle school when the articles started. You’ve probably read the headline which accompanied them hundreds of times in the last two decades: “Wham! Pow! Comics aren’t Just for Kids Anymore.”

It was great! I was thirteen and ready to graduate from the relatively safe waters of Claremont’s X-Men to the slightly dangerous rapids presented by Alan Moore and his ilk.

Unfortunately, since that time something not so wonderful has occurred: Wham! Bam! Comics pretty much stopped being for kids at all.

As an independent comics writer, I’m guilty of this myself. Both comics I currently sell are geared toward people high school age and older.

But there is an audience of kids out there hungry for good comics. And an even younger audience that doesn’t yet know how much they’d love the medium. An audience like my seven year old daughter, who loves 1980s Avengers comics, but who isn’t ready for Avengers stories written now.


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That’s why I teamed up with artist Jessi Sheron to create The Poodles of Potter’s Peak. It’s the story of six retired show poodles who protect their home from a cartoony villain breaking in (his dastardly plan: steal a secret brownie recipe). Jessi and I wanted a silly story where we could raise the specter of danger, but which culminates in the heroes creatively, and non-violently ridding themselves of the bad guy.

We don’t call this comic an all-ages book. It’s not for all ages. It’s for your nephews, nieces, sons and daughters 8 years old and below. It’s for children ready for a silly adventure, but not ready for a six-part story written for the trade.


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It’s ultimately, just for fun. Please check out our Kickstarter if you feel there needs to be more fun in comics. If you think there needs to be more kids reading comics. If you want to show publishers out there that there is a market for books aimed at the youngest readers out there.



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