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Marv Wolfman Is Coming Back To Cyborg

Marv Wolfman (The Tomb of Dracula, The Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil) is set to return to the character he created with George Perez back in 1980 by marking his re-entry with Cyborg #10. Originally the writer was going to pick up #11 in May but has now managed to arrive earlier. Wolfman will take over for three issues after taking over from David F. Walker. As to whom will take over after Wolfman’s run it is still unknown.

Cyborg was first a member of the teen titans, a Superhero group develop by both Perez and Wolfman in the 80’s and made his debut in DC Comics Presents #26. However, the current Cyborg run features the techno-human as an adult and member of the Justice League. This version of the character has been upgraded to now have more of a connection to the digital world of today.

Newsarama managed to grab an interview with the writer about returning to his creation and how he has developed into the DC universe.

“It’s always a thrill when something you co-created (with George Pérez) continues to live on. You try to do your best and hope people like it, but we created Cyborg back in 1980 and for him to not only survive, but thrive some 36 years later, is unexpected as well as truly amazing. I love it.

I was twice lucky. I spent a lot of time working out the back stories for Cyborg, Raven and Starfire long before I even proposed the New Teen Titans book to DC. I think by spending the time up front the characters all came together and meshed well. And when George signed onto the book, he brought his own ideas on how to make Vic work.

Amazingly our ideas were in total sync and Vic became a star. That was lucky break one. After 16 years I moved on from the Titans and subsequent writers decided to populate the book with all new characters.

Lucky break two came when Geoff Johns first became the new Titans writer then moved himself, as well as Vic, to the Justice League where he found all-new ways of growing Vic and company. Geoff was the one who ushered Cyborg into the 21st Century and set the style for everyone who followed.

Geoff’s passion for the character is why Vic has not only grown older but better. George and I may have created and nurtured him but Geoff kept him strong and relevant. Along the way Vic’s had several really good parents.”

Cyborg officially became a member of the Justice League in 2011 when DC rebooted their universe.

Walker announced his departure from the comic via twitter and stated that March 23’s issue #9 will be his last as it is ‘just time to move on.’

Ray Fisher is set to play the character in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and make his debut not only in the DCEU but the big screen also.

You can catch Marv Wolfman’s return to Cyborg in April’s issue #10 with illustrators Felipe Watanabe and Oclair Albert.

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