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“Morgan’s Organs”: An Interview With Daniel Brodie

Hello, folks! I had the opportunity to talk to, Daniel Brodie, one of the creative minds behind, Morgan’s Organs, a new comic book series coming out via Kickstarter!

1) For the folks at home, tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Daniel Brodie and I am a 24 year old living in the small city of Waterloo, Ontario (Canada’s version of Silicon Valley). I am new to the indie comic book scene, but I’ve been working on my creative writing for the past few years, mainly focused on this idea. Professionally, I work in marketing.

2) What gave you the idea for Morgan’s Organs?

I actually got the idea for Morgan’s Organs a couple years ago. It was August 2013, and I was doing a back-packing trip through Europe. I was in Amsterdam, and while strolling around the streets, enjoying the sites, the idea popped into my head (read in a coffee shop induced haze). I’m not sure exactly what I was thinking now, but the idea definitely stuck, and a few months later I decided to actually try writing the idea myself as a television series pilot.

The first draft was terrible, but over the next couple years, I worked on my writing and the concept, mainly with the help of a website called, where writers can share their scripts with others and receive feedback on them. For a period, my script for Morgan’s Organs was actually getting passed around to a few production companies like Amazon and Nickelodeon, but they all seemed to want something more kid-friendly. And that’s not what I had set out to create. So after many rejections in Hollywood, I decided to pivot my project. Instead of trying to please the few to reach the many, I decided to just please the many and develop my own indie comic book project. I found Rob, my artist, online and quickly we developed a strong partnership. Transitioning this idea to a comic book was the best decision I could’ve made.

3) What got you into writing in the first place?

I’ve always been interested in writing, whether creatively or for professional means, which is part of why I got into the marketing field. But really, Morgan’s Organs is what really got me interested in pursuing creative writing as a career and not just a hobby. Most of my creative writing has been focused on this idea, but I’ve also done some writing for other ideas. So far, I’ve written one complete screenplay, another television series pilot, and have a couple other ideas in development. I do have one idea in particular that I could see being a comic book series, and one that I might start working on in the near future. I’m not sure if I even define myself as a writer. More so, I’m just a person with a vision, and rather than hire someone to realize that vision for me, I try to make the most of my creativity and see it through myself.

4) Tell us about the story of Morgan? Where can we expect the comic series to go?

The basic pitch is Morgan’s Organs is Inside Out for grown-ups. My concept imagines the human body as a sort of office building made up of various rooms that represent the organ systems of the body. And inside of this body, lives tiny beings that each have specific duties related to the organ room that they manage. I try to not only inject life into the personality of the organ rooms, but also into the characters themselves. Just like a human, these characters deal with issues related to growing up, peer pressure, knowing right versus wrong, finding purpose in life, etc. And that’s only half the story. The other half of the story is Morgan. He’s your average college student learning to grow up. Except his life is made more difficult by the fact that he is not always in control of his thoughts, actions or urges. With all the characters living in his body, who each have their own selfish wants and needs, Morgan struggles to know if something is really his own choice, or a choice made for him.

The main thing I want to accomplish with this comic series is imaging the human body in new, wacky ways that have not been explored before. Yes, there have been concepts in the past that explored the idea of things living inside our bodies, but I think I push the boundaries by taking on a much more mature perspective. At times, the story I tell can be harsh, or embarrassing. But I always try to tell some sort of truth about what it means to be human. And, I try to make it believable that our lives could very well be controlled by these tiny beings living within us.

I have a wide variety of stories planned for the future past the first issue. In Issue #1, we see Morgan get pushed in different directions by both his friends and the beings in his body as he goes through a sex dry spell. In future issues, I have stories planned around questions like: what does a hangover look like? What would happen if we ate something we shouldn’t have? What effect does drugs have on our body? Depression? OCD? Getting our appendix removed?! I already have over 12 storylines planned and Issue #2 in the works. But that’s not all. I can see this concept going much further than just a story about Morgan. Are there other people that have these beings living with them? Where did these characters come from? The potential is huge, and I hope there is an audience out there to wants to explore this topic with me.

5) Tell us about your Kickstarter and some of the cool stuff people can get from supporting it.

My Kickstarter has been running for a couple weeks now and I am so excited to say it is already funded! It’s been amazing to see all the support I have received for my project, from friends and existing fans of the project, as well as new fans. I never expected to have hit my goal so quickly, which has been great to see because it means my artist, Rob, has already started working on the rest of the comic book.

I spent a lot of time preparing for my campaign launch, and that meant many hours spent meticulously figuring out my rewards and pricing. I have a wide variety of rewards available, from something as small to a PDF or print of Issue #1, to as big as plush toys or even having an organ story of your own drawn by Rob. My favourite reward that I am offering is a book sleeve at $25 ($20 if you get it early). Instead of creating a variant version of this comic, I thought it would be much cooler to create a book sleeve with full artwork as well as a foreword from myself. My problem with variant covers is that it means the backer must choose between receiving one version of the book or another. With this reward, I’m able to produce a single version of the book, while also offering a unique reward for backers that will be rare. Plus, the book sleeve comes signed and exclusively numbered.

On top of that, I also have some custom artwork available, print posters and the chance to be an official comic page sponsor. And oh, did I mention plush toys of the organ characters?!

6) Anything else you want to plug?

Make sure to check out the Kickstarter for Morgan’s Organs. We are shooting for our stretch goal now of $5,500 so I can have more cool things added to rewards, and so that I can print even more books of Issue #1 and be able to sell it at upcoming comic book events in the Toronto area. Plus, you can check out the Morgan’s Organs theme song on my Kickstarter, which was specifically launched after we hit our campaign goal!

Check out the Kickstarter here!

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