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An Open Letter to “Fanboys”

Fanboy BS
Yes, these are all straight from Facebook. All real… (Click to see better photo).

What’s up comic fans! If you’re like me, you tend to read many comic related articles online, as many as you possibly can. But this is becoming increasingly difficult due to the rapid influx of “fan boys/girls” out there. Always trying to start flame wars on social media, specifically when it comes to Marvel vs. DC and which company is “better”. It started out as harmless lighthearted jabs at each other, but now it has snowballed to unprecedented levels and is rather poisonous for the comic community. Some of the comments are just so absurd and overly hateful (as seen in picture above). There are flame comments on articles that don’t even have anything to do with Marvel or DC! It’s asinine. You can like more than one publisher, it’s not against the law, I promise.

Article 1

Let me make something crystal clear first and foremost. Anyone who says “DC/Marvel sucks, they have no good characters/writers!” has probably never given that publisher a chance and if they say they have, they’re lying. It’s that simple. It’s literally impossible to not find a single story from an entire publishing company that doesn’t speak to you. There are too many stories, characters, writers and artists out there. You can’t use a broad brush stroke on an entire company based on a single story or character. That’s not fair to anyone, nor is it objective. Keith Giffen and Geoff Johns of DC for example both have writing styles that are wildly different from one another. Same goes with Nick Spencer and Brian Bendis of Marvel. How can you claim you hate all of something without trying literally ALL of it? Just because you don’t like a writer doesn’t mean you won’t like others. There are countless writers and stories out there.

This begs the question: if someone hasn’t tried all of what is offered, why do they act this way? The only nice way I can put it is, people are jerks. They either: A. Like to cause trouble for the sake of causing trouble (AKA- Internet trolls). B. Don’t have the social maturity to realize that how they’re acting is asinine. C. They think that if they defend something (no matter how vulgar) they’re part of something “bigger” than themselves. It’s probably a combination of all three. I’m not saying that you cannot disagree with someone or dislike something. What I’m saying is if you dislike something, explain why in a mature and concise manner. Use examples that are objective to back up your points. Don’t just start screaming and calling someone names because they think Ant-Man is cool and don’t find Booster Gold interesting. Remember the ultimate cliché: “Let’s all agree to disagree”.

Maybe the editors of the companies can settle this via arm wresting?

We live in a Golden Age of comic book media. Countless movies and shows that are all fantastic or at the very least fun to watch. 15-20 years ago, this was nothing more than a pipe dream. For the new fans out there, you might not know this, but both Marvel and DC were barely keeping their heads above water trying desperately to fight off impending bankruptcy. Much like the well-known Video Game Crash of 1983, the comic industry also crashed. It wasn’t a quick death either, it was very slow and very painful. The industry bottomed out eventually and most comic fans (the few that were left anyway) thought the ride was over. We should all be rejoicing for what we have now, not drawing lines in the sand and fighting like prepubescent children over whose bike is shiniest.

Meme 1
Yes Timmy, it’s still happening…

We went from a tight-knit community desperately wanting decent superhero stories- to arrogant, self entitled, spoiled brats who fight amongst ourselves. Again, there is nothing wrong with not liking a direction of a company (I have a few issues with both companies that I’ll someday address) or not liking a story. But there are plenty of things wrong with spewing hate and animosity towards anyone who thinks different than you. As well as using broad brush strokes to formulate an opinion on an entire company and hating an entire part of the industry simply because one writer got on your nerves. This is an opinion based topic everyone, not fact based. You can’t lose perspective of that, and more often than not, people do. Comics aren’t the only time this happens either. This happens with almost everything nowadays. Sports, video games, books, movies, anime and so on.

The nerd war garbage has to stop. It not only makes you look like a buffoon, it makes all of us look like buffoons. Guilt by association my friends. Back in the day if you read comics people would just poke fun of you harmlessly, like “Ha, nerd!” and we’d all laugh then go about our day. Now they look at us weird, like “Oh man, you’re not going to nerd rage are you?” The general public is starting to think of us as a socially inept group and it’s all because of fan boys and fan girls and their inability to accept that people have different tastes. It gives the community a very bad image and many are fed up. So please, for the love of all that is holy enough with the bullshit. At the very least, tone it down a bit. You want to poke fun of Marvel/DC fans? That’s all well and good, but don’t lose perspective. We’ve come too far from where we were to just fight amongst ourselves.

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Greetings! I'm a life long comic fan thanks to my father who introduced me to Green Lantern at an early age. Ever since then it's been my dream to be a comic writer. I love many characters from many publishers. Green Lantern is my main man with Booster Gold being a close 2nd. I also enjoy Superman, Wonder Woman, He-Man, She-Ra, Judge Dredd, Hellboy, The Ray, Hulk, Black Panther and many more. Feel free to message me on Facebook with any feedback, good or bad!

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