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“PAGES”: An Interview With Sunny Singh

Hello again everyone! March has been filled with interviews, but this is my favorite one yet. This week we had the opportunity to chat with Sunny Singh, creator of PAGES. Not only is this comic something you will love, you’re going to love the creator as well. Sunny has a very bright, upbeat personality that makes him difficult not to enjoy!



For those who may not know you, tell us about yourself.

My name is Sunny Singh and I am a FIRST time comic book creator. I quit my day job of over seven years. I used to work in the “entertainment industry” running a pretty big gossip site. Think WorldStar, TMZ, MediaTakeOut, all combined into one. I left that job in 2014. Ever since then I was bouncing around from place to place looking for another long term home. Until I realized that wasn’t what I wanted. I have dreams and goals that are closer to my heart that doesn’t involve me working a 9-5. I’ve been a comic book fan since I was a child. I’ve always wanted to create an amazing story and tell it through comics. So here I am. I’m hoping I can get that opportunity to tell the adventurous story of PAGES to the world and at the same time tell my story of a guy who left a job that he hated and started doing what he was passionate about.


What gave you the idea for PAGES?

PAGES was never a real “story” until 2012/2013. Prior to that I was always working on PAGES without really thinking about it. The main characters, Tiffany, Ajay, Jeremiah, Daequan, Jamaal, were always the center of my day dreaming. Like kids with toys, they would be in my head having epic adventures, battles, banters, you name it. I’m almost ashamed to say they where like my imaginary friends. My biggest inspiration was my surroundings. Born and raised in NYC since 1990. NY is one of the most diverse cities in the world. I’ve grew up all over NY. I’ve been in some of the worst neighborhoods and on the flip side I’ve been in some pretty fancy places as well. But all of that gave me the idea of creating a story with exciting elements that comic book fans love like powers and abilities but at the same time share characters with unique traits and backgrounds that we haven’t really seen explored in the world of comics before.


What got you into comics in the first place?

I have terrible memory but I will never forget this. My pops used to work in a bingo hall back in the day in Queens. We used to walk past this bodega after he got off work at night. One night we went in for some quick groceries and I saw some Spanish comic books. No “big names” here. It was just some indie or local guy that made a latino comic. This was back in the 90’s. I wanna say 98. So I saw the colors and pictures and I loved it. I pressed my dad to buy it for me. He did. The rest was history. I eventually got into the big name/mainstream stuff but it started with that comic in particular.


Tell us more about the story. Where can we expect it to go after the first issue?

PAGES follows the story of five characters, born and raised in the projects of Jamaica, Queens, NY. Their lives was impacted dramatically when they all woke up with a mysterious artifact, a tome of some sort, laying by them. This tome was the source of their new and incredible abilities. They live in a world where powers are a commonplace and it’s scientifically understood. They are the first humans ever that are not born with abilities and are influenced by means that are outside of this world’s comprehension.

There’s so much about this world that I know readers are going to enjoy. Super Heroes are competing with each other in a league called “The Hero League”. Think about how popular athletes are in our society and imagine Super Heroes being just as popular in this world.

Then there’s is this other galaxy that these tomes have come from. I don’t want to give away too much about this part of the story but it’s a major influence eventually.

Lastly, these main characters. We’re all in for a treat to see how they react to everything. These kids were looking forward to brighter futures before these tomes came into their lives. But they still had to survive the day to days of living in a bad neighborhood. Now you hit them with super powers, it’s all whole new ball game. So seeing how they handle their new found powers, in this type of world, it’s going to be a very exciting read.


Tell us about your Kickstarter and the cool rewards! will forward you guys to the Kickstarter. We cover all the basics. You can reserve your digital copy for as low as $5. We got posters, postcards and stickers available. Then we get really sexy. If you love the concept, the story, the art, we got pledges that will put your creation in our story. Want to be a Hero in the Hero League? A Villain? We got you covered. But react now because we only have limited space!


Anything else you want to plug?

This is my first comic book, my first campaign, It’s super important for potential backers and readers that I stay transparent with them 100% of the way. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. I plan on releasing weekly video updates where I detail where we are in production, answer your questions, and more. I want you guys to be comfortable with me. I want to learn more about you. But developing this relationship will be key to our success. I hope I can convince you guys that PAGES is the next great story to be told and I’m hoping we can get to know each other better!



Be sure to check out PAGES and support it here!

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