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Rated R for Redundant

Greetings comic fans! With the enormous success of the Deadpool movie, a lot of people are clamoring for more rated R superhero films. Which is a pretty cool idea in theory. Giving a more mature audience something they’d appreciate isn’t a bad thing, but that’s not always the case. On the internet lately I’ve seen countless posts for wanting rated R stories that don’t have to be rated R, or asking it for source material that isn’t rated R in general. Why would we need rated R Superman movie for example? What would be the point of that? To make it “mature” for the sake of being mature? Let’s delve into why that would be idiotic, shall we?

deadpoolsexscenes 168536
Deadpool really opened up Pandora’s Box with this one.

Most peoole don’t understand why Deadpool is rated R, or why it worked so well. It’s simple really, Deadpool curses a lot (well, and the sex scene or course). That’s it. He curses a lot in comics too, except it’s always “bleeped out” with symbols like: #!@%. Could you imagine how weird it would have been if there was censorship bleeps in a movie that’s in theaters? It would have been so absurd that they had no choice but to make it rated R, or eliminate the curse words in general. Cutting out a core personality point of a character would have angered way too many people (we see it constantly when things deviate from the source material). Cursing works for Deadpool because it brings something to the table. Giving every single comic character a potty mouth for the hell of it doesn’t do anything for the character. In fact, it would most likely ruin them. Suicide Squad for example doesn’t NEED cursing or sex to maintain it’s premise. Deadpool does, and that is the difference. The fact that there’s going to be a rated R version of a freaking SUPERMAN movie boggles my mind. Superman?! Oy vey…

Video l enigmatique teaser de Batman vs Superman
Now Zach Snyder is hopping on the R bandwagon with a rated R version. Because that’s soooooooooo necessary.

Speaking of the above mentioned Suicide Squad- That is the most talked about movie people want to see rated R. Which is demonstrates that a lot of people have never picked up a comic book before in their entire lives, and are merely going by Wikipedia articles. While Suicide Squad does have a decent amount of violence, it’s only a T+ rated book, which would equate to a “hard” PG-13 rating for a movie. Yes, that is correct, comics DO have a ratings and they’re found on the bar code (you’re probably surprised). Most comics are rated T or T+, and the ones that are rated M, are too and far between for this to even be a conversation. Hell, even Batman: Assault on Arkham (which is a Suicide Squad story) was rated PG-13! So why would we ramp up the rating of a movie in a way that would be inconsistent with ALL of it’s past source material’s ratings? Again, to try to aim for the “mature for the sake of being mature” nonsense that people are clamoring for. It’s so tiresome.

New Suicide Squad Vol 1 12 1
What?! Suicide Squad isn’t rated R?! But how can that be?! Everything I know is a lie! *Nerd Rage*

“We’re sick of overly kiddie comic movies Bryan. MOAR MATURE NAOW!” I can hear some of you now screaming. Let’s slow down and dissect that for a moment shall we? Iron Man was certainly not “overly kiddie” as most people claim. Unless we’re really trying to compartmentalize how when Iron Man goes to the Middle East and slaughters a bunch of terrorists (while they were wrecking havoc on civilians no less) is for kids now. How about DC’s The Dark Knight– was virtually ANY scene Joker kid friendly? How about when Harvey Dent literally lit on fire, ON SCREEN? Hellboy showed plenty of murdering on screen too. These don’t scream “overly kid”, whether the scenes are bloody or not. What were all those movies rated again? Oh right… PG-13! You can have adult situations in movies that are targeted towards younger crowds. It’s been done many times before, and many times it was successful. The ones who are screaming things like “overly kiddie” be honest with yourselves- you just wanna see women’s breasts on screen.

A close up of Harvey on fire. You know, for the kids!

Rated R isn’t inherently bad mind you, and I expect some of my superhero movies to be R rated. Judge Dredd is a perfect example. Those comics are M rated. Todd McFarlane just finished a rated R Spawn script, and that too makes perfect sense. The violence and overall graphic tones of those books is simply part of their lore. To tone them down would be just as egregious as ramping up the tone of stories that don’t need it. The one’s wanting a rated R Power Rangers and the like need to get a grip. Newsflash: the short film Power/Rangers you so often reference, was making fun of you! It was a parody about people wanting everything to be dark and gritty! *WHOOSH* the point went over your heads. This would be like having an M rated Mario game, or a E rated Doom game. Could you imagine how asinine those would be? There is a way to have a balance between adult and kid entertainment, and for the most part comic movies have achieved this balance quite well. Some stories need this rating, because it helps them achieve what the source material achieves. But asking for all stories to change for the hell of it, is asking for them to fail.

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  1. Exactly. I was saying this to everyone even before Deadpool came out. Old Man Logan is T+ as well and people demand it to be R…Just read Moon Knight from Marvel Now. Killing dogs on panel with lots of blood, stabbing people, shooting people in the head, torture, people being drove over with vehicles and losing half of their skin, soldiers destroying a whole african village and making fun of a little girl living there that lost her whole family… And it’s T+.

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