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5 Reasons Why We Need a He-Man Reboot

Greetings comic fans! I don’t know if any of you are aware, but there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as of late. The 1987 film was recently added to Netflix (yes I know it’s bad, but it’s at least something). Last month Sony Pictures confirmed that there is a He-Man reboot script in the works, and it is being written by Christopher Yost. Also, in less than a week, the unofficial fan film “Fall of Grayskull” is set to premiere in Hollywood! A film I’m excited about. It’s a wonderful time to be a He-Man fan, but the question is: do we really need a Masters of the Universe reboot? The answer is simple: YES WE DO! Let’s delve into why, shall we?


#5- It Has Broader Appeal Than Most Superheroes.

poster small web
This looks awesome, and the web comic prequel was sick too.

Masters of the Universe is a really interesting license as it hits nearly every single note of fiction. You clearly have the fantasy D&D/Lord of the Rings-like elements with the magic, and monsters. Then there is the science fiction Star Trek-like elements with all the advanced technology and cyborgs as well as aliens. Then you have some horror-like elements with spirits, demons, and traveling to Hell-like worlds. Last but not least you have the classic superhero elements where an incredibly powerful villain squares off against an incredibly powerful hero. It hits everything! Not to mention it resonates with not only children, but their parents who grew up watching it.

#4- We Got Shafted The First Time.

Masters of the universe
It… Was… So… Bad… Every last thing about it… He-Man looks good though.

There’s no easy way to put it, Masters of the Universe (1987) was awful, simply awful. The acting was bad, the effects were bad, the story was bad, the look of everyone’s makeup and their costumes (except He-Man’s) were also bad. I cannot stress this enough. It had almost zero redeeming qualities. The only thing that remotely saved this abomination was Dolp Lundgren embodying the appearance of He-Man perfectly (his acting is another story). With a wonderful license like Masters of the Universe, we devout fans deserve better. If an equally pathetic movie; Judge Dredd (1995) can rebound with a great film like Dredd (2012), then a great license like Masters of the Universe can rebound too!



#3- It’s Been A Long Time.

We get an iTunes update like every 3 days, we should at least get a Skeletor update after 30 years.

I know what you’re thinking: “I’m sick of all these sequels/reboots/remakes! Be original for once!” I understand that sentiment, but by the time this new movie would come out, it would be over 30 YEARS since the 1987 film. Remakes will always happen, we shouldn’t get mad about it. We should embrace the idea that our childhoods are being brought back to life. Especially if we didn’t get the film we deserved the first time. Since that time we’ve had: 8 live-action Batman films, 5 Spider-Man films, 3 Fantastic Four films (4 if you count the ’94 film), 3 Blade films and 3 Superman films. Not counting the countless other superhero films in-between. Why can’t we have ONE more Masters of the Universe film for a grand total of 2 in 30+ years?

#2- The Comics Are Spectacular.

He Man3
She-Ra crossing blades with Hordak. Yes, it’s as epic as it looks.

In case some of you aren’t aware, there has been an ongoing He-Man comic from DC since 2012 and they’re some of the best comic books I’ve ever read, Dan Abnett is a genius and Pop Mhan’s art is spectacular. A lot of plot twists and a lot of character development (something we haven’t had before). So far there has been: a 7-issue digital only series (which were eventually released in trades), two 6-issue mini-series (including DCU vs MotU), three one shots, a monthly ongoing that lasted 19 issues, and a sequel to the ongoing called He-Man: Eternity War, which is now up to issue #10 with no end in sight for the foreseeable future. The series also does moderately well in sales, so there’s clearly a market for it. Check it out, it really is spectacular (it’s actually the book I most look forward to each month).

#1- He-Man Is Still Incredibly Popular.

He Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol 2 7 Textless
The Masters of the Universe franchise is still alive and kicking! 

Believe it or not, He-Man is still incredibly popular. The comics mentioned above sell on average 11,000-12,000 a month. Now it might not be Batman level popular, but it beats out tons of big names like: Adventure Time, Transformers, Harrow County, Witchblade, Godzilla and many more. Dark Horse just came out with a hardcover book of every He-Man mini-comic that came with the 80s toys. Speaking of toys, their toy line is still chugging along and is as strong as ever with the Masters of the Universe Classics line. He’s appeared in many video games the last few years, like Toy Soldiers: War Chest. If there wasn’t a market for all of this, none of it would exist. Oh and then there’s a fact that He-Man has his own convention, and it ALWAYS sells out: Power-Con! He-Man and She-Ra still resonate with enough people where there is a convention dedicated to just them and the rest of the Masters of the Universe license. Conventions for ONE thing are reserved for things that are big.

So there you have it, a new Masters of the Universe film is not only needed, but wanted. I am all in if Sony can make this happen and I know a lot of others will be too. If you don’t know much about Masters of the Universe, I suggest reading up. It really is something special.

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