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CANNIBAL is a Southern tale of tense relationships and flesh-eating strangers.  When a small town is rocked by the death of a local boy, folks come together to find the culprit.  But they may find more than they bargained for…


  • The story is interesting and timely.  Many stories about zombies are enjoying wild success right now, and Cannibal has a small-town angle that makes it unique.
  • The characters are easily likeable, and most of their relationships are easy to discern.  The storytelling makes it obvious who the power players are in this little town.
  • This is definitely an adult-oriented book, which helps to set it apart from the mass-oriented comics and stories found in the mainstream.


  • As a new comic, some of the characters’ personalities and motives still need some development.  At times, it is difficult to know why some characters make the choices that they make.
  • The pacing of the story is a bit chaotic, with some scenes that feel like a lot of things are happening at once, and other scenes that seem a little slow.

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  • Cannibal’s art is well-produced and comfortable.  The drawings are detailed and the color gives the book a familiar feel.
  • The book tells the story through the art as much as the dialogue.  Some panels contain no words at all, yet the story is advanced through the art alone.
  • Frequent use of insets and overlays can make the pages feel frantic at times, which adds an emotional element to the reading that many comics overlook.

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THE VERDICT:  8.5/10

     As a new comic, Cannibal still has some progress to be made with its characters and story.  However, the combination of its slow Southern storytelling and sophisticated graphic elements make it a unique and worthy read.

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