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Review Time: Strange Attractors #1

Strange Attractors #1

Strange Attractors cover

Strange Attractors is a a five part series about mathematicians. However it is a lot more captivating then it sounds. It starts with a character who seems as though his mental state is questionable, and he ends up throwing himself out of a window. We find an older man in a diner who after being approached by a graduate student reveals he has been researching the topic in question: New York City and essentially its ability to survive.

After agreeing to work together, the graduate student struggles to decide whether the old man is genius or crazy.

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The Good

  • While it seems like a premise that would be a bit dull, Strange Attractors actually feels like a mystery novel. There is this unusual tension through the pages that keeps you reading, grasping for any hint as to what is going on.
  • The old professor is pretty entertaining as he seems to straddle the line between brilliance and complete lunacy.

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The Bad

  • Feels a little bit unanswered in the first book, leaving you a bit confused. However given that it specifically states One of Five on the cover there is a little bit ore of a movie feeling where you aren’t supposed to always have a clear idea right away what is happening.

The Art

  • It fits the story well, looking a little bit more realistic than a lot of comics are. Detailing on the characters is really well done to accentuate the lines and wrinkles of the older man and the panic in the first character who kills himself.

Screen Shot 2016 06 02 at 8


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