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“START AGAIN”: An Interview With Jamie Me

Hello everyone! This week I had the pleasure to talk to Jamie Me, writer of QUEEN, and his newest project START AGAIN. We had some time to talk to him about his latest Kickstarter for START AGAIN #1.


1) For those who may not know you, tell us about yourself.
My name is Jamie Me, and I am a comic creator from the United Kingdom. I also host the weekly Twitter chat called #ComicTalk where creators get together and talk about a variety of subjects. I actually met you guys after the press special a few weeks back. I’m also the creator of the Kickstarter success QUEEN, and I’m currently on the platform for round 2 with START AGAIN.


2) What gave you the idea for START AGAIN?
It’s inspired by a few key themes. My life experiences with interracial relationships, my love of British comedy and my fear of social media. I wanted to combine those elements with the iconic superhero genre, and the result is a superhero boy meets girl story set in my local area. It’s amusing because when I do work that draws inspiration from reality I get phone calls about my personal life. My first short story caused my Dad to ring me up and in his most serious voice say “…is it true?” I never break kayfabe.


3) What got you into comics in the first place?
Manga. I fucking love manga, seriously. The energy is always turned up to the max, and getting to explore another cultures story telling has always fascinated me. I’ve always enjoyed creating stories, in my head, and it was only in the last two years that it dawned on me that I wanted to create comics. For a while I thought it was manga that I wanted to create, but eventually I realized that my passion was telling British stories. So when that decision was definite I started writing full script, taught myself to letter and I’ve read an astronautical amount of comics ever since. I see it as training, so I just absorb whatever content I can get my hands on. I’ve even started reading manhwa (South Korean style comics).


4) Tell us more about the story. Where can we expect it to go after the first issue?
There are a lot of questions to answer from START AGAIN #1’s preview alone. The discovery of answers over time will be what makes the comic fun in my opinion. Like, what kind of a superhero is Ajay, what will the fallout of his chance encounter with Natalie be, who the hell is the red haired women and why is Ajay seeing her? The next few pages after the preview are REALLY going to play an integral part of the overall story.


5) Tell us about your Kickstarter and the cool rewards!
The START AGAIN Kickstarter is my opportunity to tell an authentic British story exactly how I want to without worrying about censorship. The content of story again would more than likely be red flagged at a considerable amount of publishers. It’s a hilarious really, you show nudity and people freak out, but show brutal murder and that’s fine. Go figure. Ahem, in terms of rewards I have some cool stuff going. For digital enthusiasts you can back for just £6 and get two full comics (START AGAIN and QUEEN), and you get behind the scenes content which features me talking about creating comics with OCD and more. You can also get some cool print versions of both START AGAIN and QUEEN, posters of the cover designs, custom one-off drawings and more in other reward tiers. The limited editions of QUEEN are all gone, but you can still grab a START AGAIN one!


6) Anything else you’re working on?
QUEEN #2, my British political thriller, is something I’m working on. My debut comic was successful on Kickstarter, and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling on that project too later in the year. I’m also entering into a project with Havana Nguyen called “SUBMIT” about a girl taking up Mixed Martial Arts. Havana is a fellow grappler, and it’s a dream come true for me personally to find someone passionate about telling an MMA story.


7) Anything else you want to plug?
The art team for START AGAIN. I want to shout out first to Toni Doya. Toni is an absolute professional, and so talented. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear some news about him shortly. That was a hint, FYI. Second you have Sean Callahan the colouring machine. We’ve worked together on two projects so far, and he’s the easiest guy in the world to work with. It seems like he’s destined to colour X-MEN, a title he is fond of, and I can’t wait to see the projects he ends up landing. Lastly, Archie the often unsung hero who is the editor, one of my inspirations and the one who constantly reminds me to keep moving forward.

Thanks for the interview guys, and it would be sweet if anyone reading would check out START AGAIN. If you really like it a back could help issue #2 get made! You can also ask me anything you want by following me @JamieMeWrites. Send me like New Japan Pro Wrestling matches I should be watching, and I’ll be eternally grateful.


Preview of the first three pages


START AGAIN PAGE 1START AGAIN PAGE 29c3fbab7f58ea5a484084cd9e786a1be original


Thanks for taking the time, Jamie! Check out the Kickstarter with the full NSFW Preview HERE!



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