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Weekly WYSR 5/25/16: DC Rebirth Starts

What You Should Read in Comics!


Every Wednesday is a glorious day for comic fans everywhere – It’s New Comic Day! From the Big 2 to Indies’ Top 3 and beyond, there’s always a proverbial tidal wave of issues to sift through. So, how do you know what’s worth your buck? Let’s take a look at what we’re looking forward to at Weekly WYSR’s new home, ComicPlug!


DC Universe: Rebirth #1


Published by: DC Comics

Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Gary Frank & Various

I couldn’t start this week off with anything but DC Rebirth! DC has been hyping this up for months now and I’m super pumped. Johns is promising world shaking revelations and a return to that classic DC feel. At the DC Rebirth reveal panel, the passion of each creator as they talked about their work on this project was so real; how can you not be excited?? Besides, early reviews point to a great comic so DC Rebirth is a MUST buy for any DC fan – past or present!


Justice League #50


Published by: DC Comics

Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Jason Fabok

Since we’re already talking big DC events, Justice League wraps up Darkseid War this week! It’s no DC Rebirth, but It’s been a hell of a ride so far with all kinds of craziness. We’ve seen heroes “go dark”. We’ve seen the death and anointment of (new) gods. We’ve been introduced to one of the greatest threats in the DC Multiverse. We’ve looked deep into the nature of Apokalypse, New Genesis and other profound secrets (* Minor Spoiler* Batman knows, but hasn’t revealed, the Joker’s real name!! *End Spoiler*) What can they throw at us now??


Tokyo Ghost #7


Published by: Image Comics

Written by: Rick Remender

Art by: Sean Murphy

I’ve raved many a time about this week’s indie spotlight: Tokyo Ghost. The first volume was a beautiful look into the nature of addiction, our growing dependence on technology, and a deliciously gorey technopacalypse-dystopia. The reader can easily appreciate the subtlety of the themes underneath the fast-paced action with impressively flawed heroes and equally impressively moraless villains. Tokyo Ghost is easily one of the best titles I’ve read this year and issue 7 starts up a new story arc after an unbearable hiatus; so this is another MUST BUY.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #5


Published by: Marvel Comics

Written by: Joe Kelly

Art by: Ed McGuiness

Ah, Spidey and Deadpool. Two of comics’ hottest properties right now, together in one miniseries! What could possibly go wrong? Well it all started when Deadpool kidnapped/teleported Spidey to Hell and they fought Dormammu…. Ok well, the plot isn’t important. The comedy is! These are two of Marvel’s funniest wise-crackers working together despite hating each other! Well, Spidey hates D-Pooly. Deadpool is just nuts-o. Still, their character interaction is just great. It’s the kind of shenanigans we expect from a Deadpool title, but a hostile Peter Parker just makes it all so much more hilarious.


Star Wars #19


Published by: Marvel Comics

Written by: Jason Aaron

Art by: Leinil Francis Yu

This is a beautiful week for “must-buy”s! Marvel’s Star Wars titles have, so far, all been amazing. No wild unbelievable b.s. No unnecessary shenanigans. No Jar-Jar. Just good old Star Wars fun. Jason has done impressive job capturing that atmosphere in his run making each issue feel like an authentic addition to the Star Wars universe. Right so, considering all of Marvel’s comics are cannon from now on! Just another reason for us Star Warriors to follow this comic. 😉


Not enough for ya?

Here’s a few more goodies to get you through the week:




  • Superman: Lois & Clark #8 (related to DC Rebirth)
  • Flash #52 (related to DC Rebirth)



  • Mighty Thor #7
  • Obi-Wan & Anakin #5



  • Another Castle #3 – Oni Press
  • Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #2 – Titan Comics


That’s all I’ve got for this week.

You’ve seen what we’re reading, tell us what you’re picking up in the comments below

and see you next time for Weekly W.Y.S.R.!

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