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“WRETCHES”: An Interview With James E. Roche

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, for another exciting interview! This week we have with us, James E. Roche, writer of WRETCHES, whose Kickstarter campaign is finally live!


For those who may not know you, tell us about yourself.

My name’s James E. Roche, and no I am not as pretentious as the use of my middle initial would have you believe. I’ve been writing comics since 2012, focusing on short stories the majority of the time. While not easy, they’re much simpler to produce and great exercises in honing the craft of comics writing. I’ve been slowly building up to the first story I want to tell in long form and ever since the idea for Wretches found its way into my dome I’ve been fine tuning it to be something special.

What gave you the idea for Wretches?

The idea for Wretches came, as all good ideas do, from whiskey! No, that’s not entirely true. Back in late 2013 a friend and I got together to brainstorm some story ideas. That session planted a lot of seeds for what was to become Wretches. Days later I wrote a short story, Apex War, which was always meant to be the prologue to a bigger story, focusing on the two main characters and how they got where they are now in Wretches. Fortunately for me shortly after the art was completed Alterna Comics opened up submissions for their first annual IF Anthology and I soon had my first published story. And let me tell you, there’s no greater fuel for the fire early on than having something you’ve worked hard on validated by being published.

Tell us more about the story. Where can we expect it to go after the first issue?

Wretches centers around our brother and sister duo, Shea and Sean. They were forced to flee their warring planet when they were just kids, barely making it off the rock before it was destroyed. They lost both of their parents in the escape and were forced to grow up on the streets of an alien city alone. Now, all grown up, they’ve become two bad ass mercenaries.
The story opens up with a fast-paced, action-packed chase scene that I really sets the pace for the entire series. The story is going to get a bit darker as the emotional issues the two siblings are still dealing with start coming to the surface; having grown up alone after losing everything they’d ever known and loved at a young age and all. I’m excited about all that we’ve got in store for the rest of the series – corrupt robot warlords, gangsters, unlikely allies, a drug dealing alien mafia. Every issue is going to be a ride in and of itself.
I’m fortunate enough to be bringing this story to life with a super talented group of indie comics creators. The line art is done by Salomon Farias (SEA BREEZE LANE – Lakefront Comics. IF ANTHOLOGY- Alterna Comics), colors and cover by Chunlin Zhao (SHOGUN KNIGHT DYSON V #1 – Outlander Entertainment), letters by Jamie Me (QUEEN, START AGAIN), and the variant cover is by Ian Burns (HUGE HANA)

Tell us about your Kickstarter and the cool rewards!

We’re taking to Kickstarter in hopes to complete and print Wretches Issue #1. I have personally funded the first 10 pages, along with the awesome covers and pinups, to hopefully show how dedicated myself and the team are to telling this story and delivering it in the highest quality we can.

As for the rewards, we’ve got some cool ones for our Backers. We’ve got the 24-page story with regular and variant covers, stickers, magnets, pinup posters and commissions from the artists of Wretches.
You can also be drawn into the comic! We have three minor roles at the end of Issue 1 where these baddies have nothing left to do but be slain in epic fashion by our main characters. We also have one featured role, where you can be in the entire series from Issue 2 to 5. You’ll be interacting with all of the characters at one point or another, until our heroes get their hands on you in Issue 5. Then, we can’t make any guarantees you’ll make it out alive.

In the digital realm you can get a hold of the story, variant cover, pinups, script, and mini-comics set in the Wretches universe. I’ve also added two rewards I call the Creators Connection that I think could be very helpful to comic book creators who are new to the game. An artist can have their portfolio reviewed by full time comic book artist Salomon Farias, and a writer can have a Skype chat and email exchange with myself regarding anything involving making comics – full issue script analysis of your story, marketing your story, planning your Kickstarter, pitching, press, starting from scratch, anything they’d like.

Anything else you’re working on? Anything else you want to plug?

I have a black and grey Superhero Noir one-shot in the works with the super talented Daniel Valadez (SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD #44 -Marvel). I wont get into it much, but I’m really looking forward to this one coming to life. The details that Daniel puts into his work are amazing and should be outlawed. We’re aiming to have this completed in August.

Aside from that I’ve got much more information about Wretches, including a 7 page preview, posted on my website You can also find me talking about it ad nauseam on the ol’ Twitter @JamesERoche.
Any support we can get for the Wretches Kickstarter (PREVIEW HERE) would mean the world to us. Shares, retweets, likes, they’re all golden when it comes to spreading the word.

Thank you very much from everyone working to bring life to Wretches!



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